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What does it mean to be a William & Lauren stylist? It means earning income while you help others find their confidence and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Build a business around your schedule and earn financial security, commissions and incentives. Help bring confidence to others by showing them that they can feel and look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank.


As a W&L stylist you will make a percentage of anything sold with tiered model starting at 15% of sales and working up to 30% of anything sold. As a stylist you get a 20% discount on anything you order for yourself from William & Lauren.


Purchase of a yearly $399 Business portfolio is all that’s required to start as a stylist and start your own business. There are no minimums to be a stylist, you control your own destiny and can sell as little or as much as you like. You will have the full support of the W&L team, be provided training on the product and process. While we’ll give you freedom, but if you need advice or resources our team is always here to support you.


We hire based on character and future potential. Cover letters and resumes only tell a small part of someone’s story. This is why we ask for “anything that makes you stand out” This is your chance to show what you are about and articulate your story. Anything is fair game. Effort and an entrepreneurial mentality are the intangible requirements everyone must possess to be happy and successful at William & Lauren. Being willing to serve customers and a self-starter attitude are musts.


Are you interested?  Send your resume, cover letter and “anything that makes you stand out” to 

Requirements to maintain your William & Lauren stylist status:

  • We care about the customer, be responsive to the customer. If there is an issue that is damaging the W&L brand you will lose your stylist status.
  • Be honest and transparent, you are an ambassador of the brand. You must represent and live up to the standard of W&L: people before profit matters. Don’t take advantage of your customers, lie to them or mislead them. William & Lauren has full discretion to remove stylist status from anyone they do not feel is representing the brand properly.


Commission Tiers and Perks

  • o   0-$10,000 a month in sales- 15% of commission
  • o   $10,001-$35,000 a month in sales- 20% commission
  • o   $35,001-100,000 a month in sales- 25% commission 
  • o   $100,001 and up a month in sales- 30% commission 


  • Get 20% discount on any items you purchase for yourself
    • Doesn’t count to the sales total you are commissioned on
    • Receive training on the product, how to measure
    • You will have the full support and backing of the W& L team. We want you to be successful, while we’ll give you freedom, but if you need advice or resources our team is here to help.