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Wedding Suits for Men

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Your wedding day is one of the most special you will have, you should look your best. The best-looking suits are custom, made to your measurements and will be polished and make you look extremely dapper. When buying a wedding suit for men you do not need to view it as a splurge just for the big-day, but something you can wear long into the future. A custom suit or tux are a great investment as well as memory for the groom to have, so make sure it’s something you will want to wear again and again. 

When buying a wedding suit for men, here are some tips to ensure you love it.

Fit, Fit, Fit.

The most important thing to remember is fit, fit makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter if your suit is name brand or off brand, if it does not fit your body it will never be right. A great suit should be made for your body, not someone else’s. You can achieve this by getting a suit off the rack and having it tailored, but there is no substitute for made to measure. Even having your suit altered at a tailor, there is no replacement for something measured and cut to your exact measurements. That fit is unmatched and will make you feel like a million bucks.



Add some personality to your suit so you remember how special the day was every time you wear it. With custom you can do that with a fun liner and/or a monogram on the inside with a saying or your wedding date for example. You do not have to sacrifice personality, the advantage of custom is you can add personality, but when doing so keep in mind something you would wear again and keep it classy.



Don’t be afraid of color. Obviously if you are planning to wear the suit to the court room after your wedding, ignore this section. However, if you want to have some fun with color- do it. It is your wedding day, if you have always wanted to wear a green suit (and your bride is ok with it of course) wear a green suit. You will be surprised how great it looks and how good you will feel.



Your wedding day will be one of the best days, make sure that you feel your best. Every wedding detail is precisely thought through, don’t forget how important the suit is. You should feel like a million bucks when you see your person walk down the aisle! 

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