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4 Reasons to Choose William & Lauren: Confidence-Inspiring Suits for Any Occasion

Posted by William on

When we came together to create William & Lauren, we shared a vision to inspire confidence in individuals by providing quality, custom-tailored attire for any occasion.

But what qualities help to create a suit that inspires confidence? 

There are so many instances where the suit you wear will help define your confidence in the situation (wedding, formal event, job interview, big presentation, etc.). Of course, many people wear a suit because it is required for work, but that shouldn’t preclude you from wearing a suit that gives you confidence.

We’ve identified four key points for why you should choose William & Lauren and that will redefine how you buy a suit: 


Everyone says it… right? Well, actually, they don’t. But for us, creating quality suits wasn’t just a coincidence, it was an intentional choice. After all, we were our first customers. A few of the most important steps to ensure our quality:

  • We use only high-quality wools (super-120s and super-140s).
  • Our suits are cut and canvassed by hand (half or full canvas) for a superior quality and excellent fit, unlike the glue-fused suits from department stores and discount suit retailers (Learn more about canvassed suits here).

Simply put, a William & Lauren suit is a better product than buying off the rack. In our suits, you will look sharper, and the suit will last longer.


Our suits only come one way - perfectly fitted to you. You have unique measurements, so William & Lauren suits are made to match your exact body shape. Whether you are average, tall, big or small, our suits will fit you. Why? We create a suit to fit you. Now that is confidence-inspiring.


We produce suits made exclusively for you and ship them directly to you. Because of our unique model, we save on several costs and markups that typical suit brands and department stores have, and that's why we can offer a high-quality, made-to measure suit to you at a price that won't break the bank.

We also aim to be transparent in pricing. You'll never find us marking up the price of our products, only for the purpose of running a sale. Would you eat sushi that was constantly marked as "50% off?" Then don't buy your suits that way, either.


If you’re paying for it, you should have as many choices as you would like. That’s why we have more than 200 wool fabric options, as well as cashmere, cotton and other seasonal and luxury fabrics.

Whether you want business, casual or formal attire, we have the option that is perfect for you. And with our online-customizer tool, you can choose every aspect of your suit without ever leaving home. Of course, if you would like our help, we will be more than happy to lend our expertise with a personal fitting.

No matter what you are looking for in a suit, we’d love to earn your business. If you're ready to try your first William & Lauren made-to-measure suit, shop our collections here. For questions, or to schedule a personal fitting, email us at