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Bespoke Suits verse Off the Rack Suits

Posted by Lauren on

We mentioned in our mission we are all about fit, quality and choice. As I have grown older I have a much stronger respect and appreciation for that perfect fit men’s suit. It can be very expensive and overwhelming for a man to find that fit. Most men purchase suits from places like men’s warehouse and get a very nice suit altered to fit you from a starting size. Maybe you have run into a situation when your broad shoulders (from the gym of course) need to take you up a size, but since you hit the gym your torso is slimmer. The other option is you get the smaller size to fit your body, but it looks like you’re the hulk in the shoulders. What do you do?

Time to introduce you to the world of bespoke suits. A bespoke suit is a suit that is made to order to your exact measurements, this is all about making something perfect for you, as opposed to making something work for you. We are all unique and don’t fit a mold perfectly, so many times you sacrifice in fit when buying off the rack. When you decide to purchase a bespoke suit you get the made to measure, custom fit giving you confidence every time you wear it!

What do I mean by perfect fit? A quick guide to the best fit:

  • Sleeve length- The sleeve length should not be too short, but short enough that the shirt peaks out at least an inch when wearing with your arms in a normal hanging stance.
  • Torso fit- Should be fit/cut into you torso, creating the waist line but not being too tight. This moves away from the hanging, boxy look of a lot of men’s suits.
  • Shoulders- The seam should hit the edge of your shoulders, not hang over or be too tight. It should be tight enough that it fits well without pulling when standing, if you hug someone it should pull and be tighter
  • Pant length- The pants should touch your shoe, but not bunch when hanging
  • Jacket length- The jacket should hit the base knuckle of your thumb when your arms are hanging by your side.    



Meet my dad, he was so gracious to let me use him as a guinea pig as I have gone down this journey. He started off by ordering a navy pinstripe suit and it has turned out to be his favorite! I asked him if I could take some before and after pictures. He put a fight, but let me take some pictures in his William & Lauren suit, I then asked him to put on one of his favorite suits to compare and he picked his brown suit from Men’s Warehouse. When I looked at the pictures side by side I was shocked, seeing the difference of what I’ve been preaching in a picture was so exciting! I feel he transformed from an average man in a suit to a successful CEO with confidence. He has already ordered his second suit from William & Lauren!