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Business with Pleasure - Fall Looks at Business Events

Posted by William on

Most people know that the first “official” day of fall isn’t for another week or so. But once weekends are filled with football, the weather gets a little cooler, and the women are talking about pumpkin-spiced something-or-others, we know it has already started.

With this time of year comes a lot of social events, parties, tailgates, and yes of course, business functions, trade association dinners, chamber of commerce lunches, awards banquets and events where you want to put your best foot forward.

These “functions” at their worst feel a lot like high school reunions, but at their best are opportunities to learn about your industry and make great, new contacts. In either situation, you should pull out all the stops to make a great impression (or show up your friends and peers).


Now is the perfect time to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe and break out the things that have been hiding in your closet for the last 6-9 months. Here a couple suggestions:

Lunch Banquet: Navy/blue suit, conservative shirt, tie that uses fall colors, brown shoes, brown belt.


This should be the most “business” of all the looks since you will prospectively be coming from and returning to work. Don’t go too flashy, stick with a navy or more modern blue suit. If you do want to change it up a little, try a windowpane or something that has a small, plaid pattern or another texture in in.


After-Work Cocktail Hour: Conservative slacks (navy, charcoal, etc.), patterned blazer, conservative shirt, conservative tie/no tie.

Since the event is after work, feel free to cut loose and let the jacket do the talking for you. Pair some navy slacks with a tweed jacket with a herringbone pattern (above). Fall is the best time for patterned jackets, and this is the best event for them. Keep your shirt and tie conservative with a louder jacket.


Evening Soiree: Glen plaid suit, white shirt, single-color tie.


From more-subtle glen plaids (like above) or bigger patterned versions (below), an evening event is the perfect time to change things up. You’ll be the life of the party and every will want to come by and say, “you look great.” Pair it with a single-color, mostly-solid tie and you are made.


Since you are using these events to polish up and show off a little to your friends and colleagues, or make a great impression with new connections, do more than just put on a different shirt or jacket:

Add a seasonally-colored or textured tie: Wool ties, as well as houndstooth and plaid are very popular right now, and provide a rugged, autumn look without dressing down too much. The Tie Bar has tons of great styles to choose from without breaking the bank.


Add some fall to your feet: brown shoes will be a staple, but skip the traditional, leather lace-up and go for something a little more creative like this double monk-strap from Magnanni for a little modern flavor (on sale now at Nordstrom) or this Allen Edmonds tassel loafer for an updated take on classic style. Both in suede:


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