Dressing for an Interview

Looking to land your dream job or start a new career path? An interview is a crucial step to make yourself stand out and put your best foot forward. You have a short amount of time to convince a group of people you bring value to their team. How do you make yourself stand out in the short time you have? Dressing for an interview is crucial in your success.  

Sure looks aren’t everything, but the way you present yourself says a lot about how you will approach your job, your work and how serious you take your future. Dressing for an interview shouldn’t be the hard part. Wearing a suit is a sign of respect and that you take the job serious. You don’t want your clothes to distract from what you have to say, you should look good, put together, but not distracting.

Think of your dress as how you present yourself to the company and the individuals interviewing you. Will it make or break you? No, but it is definitely something that will be considered and you do not want it working against you. You do not want to unintentionally hurt your chances because your first impression left doubt. If you do look sloppy they will wonder how you will approach your work, responsibilities and how much you will care about your job and your team.

If the dress code of the company is more casual, wear a jacket but forgo the tie.



Depending on the industry will depend on the level of personality to add, but overall wear a classic colored suit, but have some fun with the tie. Here are a few examples that could help you in making that decision. Notice all these looks below have a very classic suit color, lighter colored shirt and a simple but colorful tie. These all show personality, but a classic look of sophistication to put your best foot forward. 



Last but not least, make sure your shoes match your belt in color and are polished. Your shoes don’t have to be brand new, but make sure that they also look nice and clean and match your belt. Best of luck, be confident and rock that interview!