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Men's Fall Suits

Posted by William on

There is a chill in the air, football on the TV, Starbucks PSL and networking events are picking up. As fall arrives, summer break is over and prepping for holiday season, you will have a lot of engagements you will need to look your best. These networking events are very important for you, you need to feel your best so you can focus on why you’re there and achieving your goal. Maybe you own your own business or start up and you are looking for new business, maybe you’re looking to make a career jump or maybe you’re trying to find your future spouse. Whatever the reason, you need to be able to put your best foot forward, here are some suggestions for men’s fall suits to help you do just that.


This time of year is the perfect time to add to your wardrobe and have a little fun with various styles you already own. 

Lunch: Our suggestion, go with a Navy or blue suit, conservative shirt, fall colored tie and brown shoes and belt. Do not go too flashy, stick with a navy or more modern blue suit. If you do want to change it up a little, try a windowpane or something that has a small, plaid pattern or another texture in in.



Happy Hour: Since the event is after work, feel free to cut loose and let the jacket do the talking for you. Pair some slacks with a tweed jacket with a herringbone pattern or pair some gray slacks and a navy jacket. Fall is the best time for patterned jackets, and this is the best event for them. Keep your shirt and tie conservative with a louder jacket.


Dinner:Typically, these events are a step up and you should bring your most polished look. If you’re a 3-piece kind of guy, this is a great time to bring it out. We also recommend glen plaid patterns or a navy suit with black instead of brown. Everyone will be telling you how good you look.


There really is a power in feeling put together and in a suit that fits you perfectly. You can look your best with these men’s fall suits so you can focus on being your best and dominating any event you attend this fall.