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What to Wear with a Grey Suit

Posted by Lauren on

Fall is here, Starbucks has their pumpkin spice lattes and College Football reigns on Saturday’s. Now it’s time to transition from your summer to fall suits. I think one of the most versatile colors a man can own is grey. Grey suits allow you to have a wide range of outfit options because you can pair it with your favorite brown shoes, black shoes, and a multitude of tie colors. It can span the seasons and work for any situation you need to look your best while also giving you the sophisticated and classic look.

Let’s take a look at some color pairings with grey suits. A heather grey suit with a black tie is my favorite of the 50 shades of grey. This look screams class, sophistication and most importantly confidence to me. I have to point it out because I find it to be so classic, simple and sexy.


Now that I have clearly stated my position on a grey suit with a black tie, let’s explore some color. I do love color on a man, brings out their eyes, skin tones and gives life to the suit. A pastel or softer color tie with any shade of grey suit looks sharp. A few I have highlighted here are the mint, light blue and coral. These colors can span the season, but do make a great summer choice.

           . ..  

Looking specifically at a lighter grey suit I want to recommend the use of rich colors as well. Similar to the black and grey combo I think the contrast and the richness of the color gives a sense of sophistication and confidence. A few colors I want to highlight are green, purple, navy and maroon. These colors are perfect to transition to the fall and into winter.