Fine Herringbone Charcoal Jacket

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This fine pattern herringbone provides a sophistication to a classic charcoal jacket. In addition to being made to your measurements W&L jackets are made with high quality fabrics and construction. The canvas construction provides you a superior shape, fit and long life of the jacket.


  • Super 120s 100% Wool fabric
  • Notched Lapels
  • 2 button front
  • Double vent
  • 2 coat pockets
  • Chest Pocket
  • 4 button functional sleeves


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Fine Herringbone Charcoal Jacket

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SKU: coat_fine_herringbone_charcoal
Coat Cut: 1
Coat Canvas: 1
Coat Lapels Type: 1
Coat Lapels Handstitches: 1
Coat Lapel Length: 2
Coat Lapel Width: 2
Coat Vent: 1
Coat Buttons: 2
Coat Pockets: 2
Coat Flap: 1
Coat Italian: 2
Coat Pocket Chest: 1
Coat Sleeves: 3
Coat Sleeves Functional: 1
Coat Fabric: 7
Coat Include Monogram: 2