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Our Story

William & Lauren was founded in 2015 by two people who embraced their personal style to help build self-confidence. Together, we want to help men and women find their own self-inspired style and to carry themselves confidently no matter the situation – from the big job interview to every day in the office; from date night or a special occasion to a casual night out with friends.

Our idea started from a simple problem we continued to see: Men wearing suits that do not fit them, and thinking they have no other option – whether it is because they believe they cannot find a suit that fits perfectly or they cannot afford the custom-tailored suit.

It turns out, we can solve both of those problem. Men no longer need to choose between unaffordable and perfectly-fitted suits and shirts. And because each person is unique, our suits are made for explicitly one person. You.

We believe you deserve the choice to make a suit truly yours, with a fit that is going to compliment you and give you confidence, and a quality product that is going to withstand the wear. You're already exceptional; isn’t it time that your suit caught up?

Be yourself. Wear a suit made for you.

- William & Lauren