Our Story

At William & Lauren we are passionate in the belief that, if you help someone believe in themselves, what they can accomplish will be life-changing. When your clothes do not fit properly, they become a distraction, but when they are made to your measurements you will feel the difference. That feeling should not be reserved only for the people who can afford the high price of custom. William & Lauren was founded to bring that experience to everyone, we want to be multipliers that empower dreamers.  



Lauren Warkentine is the founder of William & Lauren. Created in 2015, William & Lauren was born of Lauren’s entrepreneurial spirit, fostered by travels abroad and a desire to further understand the retail and manufacturing process of custom suiting to bring quality, custom to more people. 

At William & Lauren it’s our pleasure to provide quality menswear products for individuals seeking to step beyond the traditional shopping experience, and we pride ourselves in creating individual pieces and sets that are tailored perfectly for everyday use and special occasions