Ryan Smith


Ryan Smith is the Director of Operations & Customer Service at William & Lauren. An Oklahoma City native, Ryan attended the University of Oklahoma, where he received his Bachelor in Business Administration. Ryan has experience helping build businesses from small, family-owned companies to major enterprises. His valuable expertise and forward-thinking attitude have helped put William & Lauren on the map as a premier clothing retailer.

As the head of Operations and Customer Experience, Ryan works to ensure that William & Lauren delivers on its mission of empowering customers to live confidently by delivering first-in-class services. From purchase to delivery, Ryan helps William & Lauren customers feel confident and cared for in every interaction.

When Ryan isn’t helping William & Lauren customers have a fantastic experience, you can find him binge-watching Ted Lasso while enjoying Old Fashioned and hot buffalo wings. He’s also an avid runner, cyclist, and has a mean pickleball backswing! Ryan has become an integral part of the success of the William & Lauren family. 


“Hey, doing the right thing is never the
wrong thing.”

-Ted Lasso


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