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When your clothes don’t fit right, you can tell (even if it's subconsciously).

Do you ever find yourself shying away from photos? Or simply feeling okay — but not exceptional? If so, you’ve probably encountered one of these frustrations:

✔ You want to feel confident in your clothing, but no matter what you try, it just doesn’t feel like “you.”

✔ You can never find the right fit and you’ve wasted hundreds of dollars trying to make off-the-rack work.

✔ You’re tired of being distracted all day by the constant tugging and adjusting.

Let's be honest, suit shopping itself can even feel traumatic.

If you've ever shopped for a suit, you know it's rough for just about everyone. The options are boring. The fit usually isn’t great. And sales clerks are so pushy that they could talk you into a burlap sack. (We refer to this as suit trauma, and it’s real.) But you’re not alone.

There’s a common misconception that only certain body types can fit off-the-rack, but we’re here to challenge that. Yes, there are a few select individuals who can put it on and look great. But most people have to sacrifice something. And when that comes to fit — you shouldn’t. The smallest changes can transform the way you look and feel.

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We believe everyone should experience the feeling of custom.

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After an engagement is announced, one party tends to take a backseat on the wedding planning.

(Yes, we're looking at you.) But what we’ve found is when you’re involved in crafting your own look, you’ll feel more empowered and eager to be involved throughout the planning process. After all, it’s your wedding day too.

If you’re going to spend hundreds on a rent-a-tux that’s frumpy and boxy, why not consider investing in a suit or tuxedo with creativity woven in every detail?

Imagine having affordable, go-to outfits that make you feel invincible every step of the way. From engagement photos and wedding showers to the rehearsal dinner, our suits are meant to be lived in.

 We believe you should have access to clothing that helps you show up to life’s big events fully, unafraid to be seen — confidently.

The Benefits of a Custom Suit


Renting a suit will easily cost you several hundred dollars — money you’re spending to wear it once. Not only is custom more economical, but it comes with unlimited styling options and will fit you better.



Now that you’ve decided to buy, where do you spend your money? You can purchase an off-the-rack suit and spend anywhere from $300 to $800, but you’re limited in fabrics, fit and what’s available to you.

$300 to $800


Incorporate wedding details, colors and themes to weave your love story right into the fabric! From liners and thread to buttons and monograms, a fully custom suit captures your unique personality.


Here's our answer to the modern custom suit.

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"I've always wanted to get a complete custom suit, but thought it was out of the question. Then I met Lauren.... finally an affordable custom suit! I loved the customer service and the help in designing it. Even better than the amazing suit was the custom bamboo shirt. The fit was perfect and the feel was unforgettable. Forget about buying off-the-rack dress shirts, see Lauren you won't regret it!"


"We loved working with W&L for Chase, the groomsmen and my dad's wedding day attire. The entire process was effortless and personal. I love that each guy got to pick out their own liner to make their tux/suit fit their personality. I also loved that we were able to incorporate our wedding logo into Chase's tux. Lauren was professional, a great communicator, and accommodating."


"I was gifted a tuxedo as a groomsman for a wedding I was recently in and it's fantastic. The entire process from taking measurements, coordinated shipping and follow up to ensure satisfaction was top notch. The tuxedo fits perfect and I love the custom liner options that were offered. Easily the highest quality item in my wardrobe and I would for sure revisit W&L for any future custom suit needs!"


"William & Lauren SAVED THE DAY for my wedding several years ago. Superb, unmatched customer service is why they're my go-to source. I spent months searching for the perfect suit. I quickly realized how out of control pricing for custom (and even off the rack) suits are these days. Thanks to W&L, I was able to get a custom suit I hand-picked and designed for a fraction of the cost — without compromising quality."


"On the wedding day, everyone is (and should be) caught up in the beauty of the bride. But, the groom gets glances too, and a custom suit, especially one made by William & Lauren, will cause those glances to linger a little longer. As you begin your marriage, you get to cherish the date that's stitched into the inside of the jacket as you wear it to take your wife out on a fancy date. The custom suit I bought from W&L for my wedding day was one of the best purchases I've ever made."


Wondering what the process is like?

We focus on personality around here and our customer experience is no different. Fabric books and champagne flutes, it’s less “a trip to the tailor” and more a celebration.

✔  During the consultation, we’ll discuss the specifics of your wedding. Depending on the scenario, we can measure the groom at the initial appointment or schedule closer to the date (we recommend at least 12 weeks prior).

✔  If the wedding party is involved, we can schedule a groom’s event or happy hour. Or, you have the option of providing the contact information of the wedding party. From there, we'll coordinate measurements in-person or virtually.

✔  Next, your order is placed! All you have to do is wait about four weeks and return for a final fitting. If any minor adjustments are needed, we’ll handle it. When alterations are complete, you’re done. (This is the most rewarding aspect.)

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