What to Expect at your Fitting

Get to know you and how we determine what you need

An important part of the process is getting to know you, your personality, style and needs for clothing. We treat everyone as an individual and don’t work to put you all in the same suits. It’s about creating pieces that meet your needs but also match your personality. Whether in person or through our suit builder we ask you a series of questions to start narrowing down our suggestions.


A few things you can think about ahead: Take an inventory of your current suits, are we replacing any or adding to what you currently have? This is important, for example if you own 1 navy suit that fits and you like it, let’s add something that compliments that such as a gray verse suggesting another navy suit to you. However, if you own that navy suit but never wear it and don’t like it, we’ll treat our suggestions as starting from scratch and not take into account that navy suit you own.


Where will you mainly wear the clothing? This affects what type of fabrics we suggest- colors, patterns etc. Are you in a more conservative work environment? Are you wearing these only socially?


This is where the magic happens. It’s the art of finding ways to bring out your personality in a suit that isn’t your boring suit you could get anywhere, but still meets the needs of a clothing or versatile suit depending on what you’re coming in for.


We typically recommend fabrics that have texture- whether that’s in a subtle pattern or movement even with a solid fabric. If this is your first we typically will start you with a blue, that’s the most versatile and works in any situation. Once you have that covered, we start branching into different shades, patterns, and colors such as light blue or gray. If you are more a gray person you can start with gray and go the other way as well.


We have our favorites, but we work with you to find the right fabric for you!


Thread detail, buttons, etc

After fabric is selected we get into the details such as liner, buttons etc. These are all small details but they make a big impact to the final look and your personality.


We start with liner, this really is 100% about your personality and what you are drawn to. There really is no right or wrong on this one. If you like it, it’s perfect. A few pro tips, contrast looks nice, for example if you have a navy suit don’t feel like you have to have a dark only navy liner, have fun with color and designs you like with a pop of contrast in the design.


We can do custom liners as well- our stock liners are included in the price of the suit. If you want to create your own masterpiece there an up charge but it can be done. We can make anything you want. Below are a few examples of custom liners we’ve created in the past to give you inspiration.


Buttons will be your next choice- we have our suggestions but again this is your choice. A small detail that adds a pop of impact and makes the piece stand out above off the rack. My typical advice here is think about the shoes you’re typically going to wear. Do you want to have the option of colors such as brown or black? If so, go with a more neutral button that is versatile such as a darker/medium brown, gray or blue. If you always wear brown- don’t be afraid of a lighter brown button that adds a pop of contrast and looks nice for example.  

Thread detail is another step to think about. We typically add the accent on the last button hole of the sleeve to add a touch of personality and show off that custom look. You can add it on the lapel hole and/or all the button hole sleeves as well if you like that look.

Style options

During this phase we work through all the detail from lapels, pockets etc. We do have some “standards” that tend to be the common choices, but there is no right or wrong!


Here is the standard selections.



Single 2 button, notched lapel, 2 pockets with flaps, extended waist strap, no pleats, no cuffs and 2 back pockets with buttons. 


Single 1 button, peak lapel, 2 pockets with no flaps, regular waist strap, no pleats, no cuffs and 2 back pockets with no buttons. 


Single 1 button, peak lapel, 2 pockets with no flaps, extended waist strap, no pleats, no cuffs and 2 back pockets with no buttons.


classic collar and 1 button angled sleeve 

If you want to explore more below is details of the options and examples below.


Jacket Design:



                    Notched                      Peak.                            Shoal 






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