Step 01

Getting to Know You

This is crucial! We aren’t here to tell you what to buy – but to learn about your profession, lifestyle, interests and hobbies, the occasion you need a suit for, and your interest level in shopping for clothing.

We factor ALL these things into our suggestions to help you narrow down the vast array of options. Your style and clothing project and image to the world, and we want to remain true to who you are.

Step 02

Choose Your Fabrics

There are hundreds of options but taking your lifestyle factors into account – it’s easier than it sounds. Whether you’re stopping by in-person or online, we’ll focus on colors and patterns then begin narrowing down the options.

We primarily sell wool fabrics (Super 110’s – 130’s), but also carry options like linen, seersucker, cotton and velvet if that’s what you’re looking for. Though it can sound overwhelming, this step is generally simple and quick.

Step 03

Incorporate Details

After you’ve completed your fabric selections, we’ll move on to the finer details – liner, buttons and accent thread. You’ve probably never paid attention to these, but simple details make a big difference in elevating your look. It also makes your clothing look incredibly personal and unique.

Step 04

Add Style & Flair

Similar to liner and buttons, it’s details that add flair to your look. With William & Lauren, the possibilities are endless and your creativity can really come out to play.

You can customize the style of your lapels and pockets, and even add monograms or logos inside. Think of these as the “racing stripes” and final touches to your creation.

Step 05

Record Your Measurements

This is the easy part, but it’s extremely important! Now that your decision-making is done, we’ll work on getting the perfect fit with our step-by-step measuring process.

The beautify of custom clothing is really all in the fit. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to wear a custom suit when it fits like a glove.

Step 06

Place Your Order

Pop the champagne! You’re all done. All that’s left is a 4-6week wait then a final fitting. Whether you’re visiting one of our showrooms or having your suit shipped, we’ll ensure the fit is perfect and no minor adjustments are needed.

It’s always rewarding to see the enjoyment and transformation of a frumpy suit into a custom creation. It’s so fulfilling to see the small changes – shoulders back, upright, and an elevated confidence level. This is why we do it – to transform your confidence and give you the armor you need to go tackle life.