How to Wear Silk Scarves

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We can help bring your brand to new heights with our customization options, accessories and creative process to find a partnership that is mutually beneficial. 

University products to build on school pride and elevate your brad 

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Corporate programs for sales incentives, team and client apprecitation

Need some ideas for wearing your silk scarf? We’ve got you covered!

Shoulder Scarf 

Keep it classic - roll up your scarf or fold in half diagonally and drape over your shoulders. Option to secure with a knot of a scarf ring.

Neck Tie

Roll up your scarf and tie snugly around your neck. Wrap around twice if you don’t want the tails hanging out!

Bow Tie

Add a feminine touch to your outfit with a bow tie. Roll up your scarf and tie into a bow. Take a page from the boys and wear with a button up. 

Hair Accessory

One of our favorite ways to wear - in your hair! Twist into a rope and tie at the nape of your neck for a headband, or tie around your hair tie to accent your ponytail.

Head Scarf

Keep your hairstyle preserved using your scarf. Simply fold in half diagonally and tie underneath your chin. Hop in the convertible and go!

Bag Accent

Show off your scarf everyday by tying it to your bag strap for a fun accessory!

Need more inspiration? Browse our Pinterest board for many more ideas!