Make Gifting work for you

Celebrate your team success, milestones and take care of your top clients with a gift they're sure to love. 

At a glance

it is crucial to pursue employee fulfillment with thoughtfuland impactful items in lieu of traditional gifts. With intention at theforefront. we create a unique experience for you and your recipients.

Celebrate Milestones such as years of service, sales goals, retirements.  

Gift new team members the experience as part of their onboarding 

Holiday gifts for team members and clients. 

Gift your partners a referral gift they will love 

Give Something Different

Pamper your team and clients with luxury and a unique experience 

William & Lauren can solve your gifting needs. Gone are the days of trying to figure out something to get the men and something for the women. Celebrate everyone with a gift they will love. 

With intention at the forefront, we create an unmatched experience for you and you recipients. Made to measure professional clothing is a delivery vehicle for delivering value.


Gift a Luxury Experience

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What we can do

Gifting that works for you

The W&L Way

Pamper your staff to theluxury experience of tailormade professional clothingat our tlaashio storeincluding full bar, musicand one-or-a-kindsnooping

Save Time

Relax in the familiarity of your office but with the added ambiance of William & Lauren. Our traveling team is ready to assist you. 


Customize women's and men's suits with your company logo, specially made liners !

We'll Do it All

Tackle your day-to-day while we communicate with your employs Appointment touch points will arrive from our system. 


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