We believe everyone has the right to look good and feel good too.

After a fateful experience of collapsed confidence in 2015, Lauren started to correlate her wardrobe with confidence. Searching for suits and blazers she felt feminine, powerful, and comfortable in she came up short at every turn. Realizing she was not alone in finding something affordable, comfortable and that matched her personality she decided to create what she couldn’t find. 

There’s a significance in putting on a custom article of clothing. It’s not a costume picked off the rack that you’re required to wear. It’s armor specially designed for you, that tells the world exactly you plan to show up that day.

 What fuels us?

It all comes down to empowering people.

We sell custom clothing, but that is not why we exist. We exist to create confidence, opportunities and communities that empower people to lean into their own purpose. We are all about taking risks, pushing fear aside and stepping into what’s next. We’re here to encourage you and ourselves to show up, that’s half the battle. How we approach our mission must be carefully and thoughtfully constructed.  We believe it is critical to articulate what we believe and then welcome accountability for what we produce.  What follows are the principles that are the foundation of our work.


The W&L Way

We work to intentionally create space for people to feel safe, seen and are celebrated for living wholeheartedly. What we call the W&L way is focused on how we treat each person we encounter and at the base that should be done with kindness and respect.

Whether it’s a piece of clothing being made to highlight that individual and their personality or encouraging staff to be learners, not knowers, we believe in helping people achieve a better version of themselves. We will always do our best to take exceptional care of the people in our care. We will strive to always and unapologetically live up to these values.


Our Values

01 — We do life together, in relationship.

02 — We don’t settle for good.

03 — We’re learners, not knowers.

04 — We focus on the small things.

05 — We live wholeheartedly


Join our Team

Our team is growing and we need help to deliver our mission, interested in joining us? Keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities we’re currently looking to fill.  


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