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Your style says a lot about you – it represents the essence of who you are. You have big dreams, and you need a wardrobe to match. At William & Lauren we are your custom suit specialists. And we’re more than just suits! We are your go-to guide for styling, shirts, ties, and more. If you can dream it, we can probably do it.

You’re probably wondering how this all works. We’re happy to walk you through this process and get you excited about creating your custom look. And though this seems like a lot, it typically can be completed in an hour or less.

1. Introduction 

We aren’t here to tell you what to buy but to learn about your profession, lifestyle, interests, hobbies, the occasion you need a suit for, and interest level in shopping for clothing. We factor ALL these into our suggestions that will help you narrow down the vast array of options. Your style and clothing project an image to the world and we want to remain true to who you are. 

2. Choose Your Fabric 

We’ll start your journey with some fabric books. There are hundreds of options but taking the lifestyle factors into account, this is easier than it sounds. Together, we’ll work to focus on colors and patterns and begin narrowing down the options.

3. Buttons, Liner and Details

After the fabric choice, we’ll move on to buttons. You’ve probably never paid attention to your buttons, but this simple detail can make a surprising difference in elevating your look.

Liner is the choice that takes the longest because there are so many amazing choices! The liner can show off a lot of personality and character. And in the hundreds of fittings we have done over the years, this is the step that proves to take the longest. After the liner we will finalize the details like lapels, pocket preferences, thread details, and even monograms or logos inside.

4. Measurements 

This is the easy part – but extremely important! Your decisions are done. And now we work on getting the perfect fit. This step ensures you get the most flattering and comfortable fit. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to wear a suit when it fits like a glove.

5. Your order is placed 

You’re done! All you have to do now is wait about four weeks and come back in for a final fitting. If any minor adjustments are needed, we’ll handle it. When alterations are complete, you’re done! This is the most rewarding step for you and for us. It’s always rewarding to see the enjoyment and transformation from frumpy suit to a custom creation

Our office is located in Downtown Oklahoma City, but we are not limited too Oklahoma City for fittings. If you are located somewhere other than Oklahoma City, we are mobile and typically are able to come to you. When schedule your appointment you can request a different location than the default and we'll coordinate with you when we'll be in your area. 

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