Marek Cornett


Marek Cornett serves as the Digital Advisor for William & Lauren. Originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Marek has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and is Google Ads Certified.

As an integral part of the William & Lauren team, Marek brings digital marketing and advertising expertise to the world of Willaim & Lauren fashion. Using the latest digital marketing techniques, Marek helps clients discover their next favorite outfit no matter where they live. Marek’s knowledge of the industry and experience have helped her manage millions of dollars in brand advertising throughout her career.

Marek’s role as Digital Advisor at William & Lauren allows her to help extend the reach and potential of the brand far beyond the city limits of OKC using today’s leading digital marketing tools. When she’s not analyzing the latest trends and data, you can find Marek rewatching her favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls and whipping up dinner for six without whatever ingredients she has on hand! Marek is also a runner and reader who brings energy, heart, and soul to the William & Lauren family!


“Survive and advance!”

-Jim Valvano


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