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It's about investing in your professional appearance and truly your confidence, it feels powerful. 

Ashleigh Robinson 

Jantzen Miller

Oklahoma City

If you're looking for quality professional clothing, do yourself a favor and invest in custom pieces from William & Lauren! I can't tell you how much money I've spent on blazers and pants that don't fit me correctly. So when I found W&L and realized how affordable the custom pieces are, I was sold! I've also gifted friends and family with the custom button-ups they offer, and they're always a hit!

It's not just to look good, it's too feel good and how that impacts how you operate, how you interact with other people and how it affects your confidence. 

Bryce Thompson

Skye Latimer

Oklahoma City

Showing up looking like this, feeling like this in something that is fit so specifically for me. I am not only building legacy but I am doing it in my most proud and confident way. I really get to show up more fully because I'm just dashing. 

I'm a lawyer, the image that you give off and the confidence you portray really going a long way in your legal career. 

Andre Caldwell 

Travis Weedn

Oklahoma City

Lauren has built a fantastic company. She's not just concerned about selling you clothes, she's genuinely interested in helping you feel great about them. As a big and tall guy I value that interaction. I have also found that Lauren gives you unique custom clothing at a price point that is very doable for the young professional. I haven't found that anywhere else. If you want a custom clothing experience in OKC, you've got to check out William & Lauren!

It really does feel like you're a customer for life. The thing I love most about the custom suits is they give me great confidence. For the line of work I do I have a hard time finding something not everyone else is wearing. 

Kati Hanna