Our Philosophy

What fuels our team? It always comes back to empowering people. We know that when people feel confident, they will present the best version of themselves to whatever it is that they’re doing. We are all about taking risks, pushing fear aside and stepping into what’s next. Whether that’s asking someone out on a date, starting a business or a night out on the town - we’re here to encourage you to show up. It’s always half the battle.

We also believe that custom shouldn’t be exclusive. We get out of bed everyday looking to meet people where they are in life and assist them with that next step forward. We hope to empower individuals to be leaders, connect and change their communities.



We invite you to experience the world of custom clothing. Whether you want to be the designer or have it designed for you, the choice is yours. We have hundreds of fabric selections for you to choose from as well as buttons and liners. The clothes are then made to your exact measurements and shipped to you within a few weeks. Start building your new wardrobe today and experience the feel of having a garment made just for your body and that is truly one of a kind.



Because we make every suit after you order it, you get to design every detail of it. If you do not feel like tackling that many choices, we will happily design the perfect suit for you. From fabric, buttons, liners, pockets, monograms, pleats, and lapels you get to tell us what you want and we'll make it a reality.  




All William & Lauren Suits are half or full canvas construction which means it will sit, hang and fit you better and make you look your best- like the suit is designed to do. It will also last longer and like a fine wine, it will get better with age. 





William & Lauren is business to bring custom to you. We do not believe that should be reserved for a select few, but for anyone who wants to look like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks. Starting at $549 or the price of most off the rack suits, you get a fully custom, made-to-measure suit delivered right to your door. After you get your first W&L suit, you will wonder how you wore your off the rack suits for so many years - you'll be back!