Our Story

Lauren Warkentine founded William & Lauren in 2015 with the idea that personal style and self-confidence go hand-in-hand. With the commission to “take risks and tackle life,” W&L seeks to travel alongside people in their individual “style-quests,” uncovering what they like and what speaks to them. With this newfound style and confidence, we want those who wear W&L to confidently carry themselves into the interview, the presentation, the first date, the trial, the new job.
The idea started from a simple problem: Ill-fitting suits on men who believed they had no other options. More specifically, these men thought that they could not find a suit that would fit them perfectly, and if so, they believed that they couldn’t afford it. W&L accepted the challenge to create affordable, high-quality options with the notion that men shouldn’t have to choose between affordability and fit.
We believe that your clothing should be an outward expression of who you are, complete with a fit that is going to compliment your body; a quality product that is going to withstand wear. In addition, W&L is committed to customization, making each product a one-of-a-kind garment that is an extension of the customers’ individuality. You're already exceptional—it’s time that your clothes catch up!

Take risks. Tackle life. Wear William & Lauren.