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Reasons to go custom over rentals for your wedding attire, you won't regret it

Increase the Groom's Engagement 

When you think of weddings you probably think of the bride. Wedding ceremonies are something women look forward to for much of their lives. When she says “yes,” the planning moves into high gear. But after the engagement is announced, men often take a back seat on the planning process. 

We’ve found that when the groom is involved in the process of crafting his own look with a custom suit, he is much more engaged and empowered to be hands-on throughout the entire wedding process. How? Let me tell you about Justin & Emily.

We scheduled a happy hour consultation at O Bar in downtown OKC. We shared a few drinks and Emily encouraged Justin to choose what he liked. He was hesitant at first. He kept saying, “whatever you want Emily.” But she stood her ground and helped persuade him to choose something he loved. After all, it was his wedding too. She refused to choose for him but did offer a few opinions and guided the color choices. But Emily was adamant that is was his choice. And that night he did it all. He chose the fabric, liner, buttons – everything. And he was starting to have fun. 


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The groom’s attire and the groomsmen’s appearance are important! They’re not secondary to the dress and shouldn’t be an afterthought. What a wonderful opportunity to weave creativity and intention through each detail of your big day! And we’re here to help. We will set up a fitting and design session with the bride and groom, then follow it up with a “guys night out” fitting for his wedding party. They’ll love this – but don’t take my word for it. Here’s how Justin’s groomsmen got involved.

 When it came time for the wedding party of twelve to be fitted, the groom hosted a casual guys night. Most were able to make it to the party. While the guys played pool, had a few beers, and just relaxed, we pulled them aside one at a time for a fitting. Justin had already done the heavy lifting by making the decisions. These guys didn’t have to do anything but show up, have a good time, and get fitted! 

For the remaining guys who couldn’t make the party, we sent a video about how to measure themselves so they could also get the perfect fit. It was so simple and painless for those on the go or living out of town. We also fitted the father-of-the-bride and the ring bearer. Can you imagine a tiny little guy matching the groomsmen? He was definitely one of our cuter clients! To top it off, we did an additional jacket for the groom to wear at the rehearsal. That’s full service!


A custom fit makes a big difference in the polished look of the overall wedding

As you get closer to making those big decisions in your planning process, think about this: most couples, no matter the budget, will splurge on wedding photos. It’s the lasting memento that lives on long after the day is over. If the groom’s outfit is an afterthought it will show in the photos. A custom fit makes a big difference in the polished look of the overall wedding – and it will look fabulous in photos for years to come.

A bride wouldn’t dream of renting an off-the-rack dress and wear it without altering. Why expect your guy to do it? If you’re going to spend a few hundred dollars on a rent-a-tux that is frumpy and boxy, why not consider investing in a tuxedo or suit that will last for years to come?


Custom goes way beyond fit and color. Rentals all look so similar! A rented suit is easy to spot because of the boring styles and baggy fit. Right now, you have the chance to truly add wedding details, colors, themes, and weave your story into the fabric of the tuxedo or groomsmen’s suits. You can even add a multitude of custom touches to the tux our suit to make it an intricate piece. Choose your fabric, liner, buttons, and the small details to show off your personality and one-of-a-kind wedding story. 



They make a great groomsmen gift 

And while you’re planning, don’t forget that suits make fantastic gifts. Get an exquisite suit for your father, your groomsmen, and your best man. You’re going to spend the money on a rental, so why not give them a classy custom look to carry with them after the big day? Your wedding deserves to be a beautiful and engaging experience for everyone – including the groom and his guys. It’s an incredible investment for years to come. Just like a bridesmaid’s dress that’s able to be repurposed for a fancy night out after the wedding – a suit is a gift that keeps on giving.

Remember: suits don’t have to be scary. They can be fun while reflecting the mood of the wedding and the personality of the groom. Exceptional options like monograms make your custom suit even more memorable. If you’re overwhelmed in all the choices, don’t worry! We’ll guide you and help make this process simple and fun. We have your back and can help with any part of the process. Now come see just how affordable and gorgeous your custom suit will make you or your groom. What better occasion to take risks and tackle life than your wedding day?